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I'm done with this sh*t. SOLD

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I've made decision to sell all of my EZ bake ovens, so I can buy more Bitcoin. The ovens themselves sucked, and no one liked my cooking anyway.

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Everyone needs to calm the fuck down.

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The level of vitriol in this subreddit has gotten as bad as r/btc. Almost the entire front page is now filled with fud, conspiracy theories, and ad-hominem attacks.

I get that people are not super thrilled about segwit2x. I am not a huge fan of it either, but I am also not interested in seeing a chain split. The level of recourse has devolved to the point it can't even be called a debate anymore, it is just children throwing shit at eachother; and I emphasise the word children.

It has gotten to the point where we are now doing more damage to the ecosystem than if we just let segwit2x go forward. The 2x proposal is probably not optimal but it is also not going to lead directly to $20,000 nodes run by 3 people, so stop pretending it does. That's the kind of bullshit reasoning that passes for discussion in r/btc. We are supposed to be better than that.

Stop it, just fucking stop.

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Ah yes thanks for the cheap coin!

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Nomnomnom sell sell sell you fools!!! Bahahahahahahhahahahahhaha!! THE METH MUST FLOW!!

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I made a comic explaining how bitcoin mining works. Feedback is appreciated!

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Hi friends!

I'm aspiring to make a series explaining the entire process of bitcoin in a comical and approachable way.

I made a comic regarding how bitcoin mining works. It may contain errors, and it's a rough draft, but feedback is greatly appreciated!

I'm really interested in bitcoin and where it's going. Hopefully this will be a easier learning device for many, since bitcoin is very daunting.




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Stop worrying & go to the beach!

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Every time the market makes a dip people go crazy calling a crash and asking every minute why the price is down & when it will go to the moon ... you need to understand that the market never goes in straight line , there will always be corrections down the road so if you believe in the crypto technology just invest an amount you are comfortable with then go relax over the beach.

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If Segwit2x fails to activate by August 1st SW2X supporting miners could follow the UASF chain, activate Segwit on that and then 90 days later the SW2X code would STILL hard fork - despite never activating itself.

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This is possible because the Segwit2x code's condition for a Hard Fork is that about 90 days (actually 144 blocks * 90 to be exact) after Segwit activates it will hard fork - regardless of how Segwit activation was achieved.

It doesn't require that Segwit2x itself was ever activated by getting to the 80% bit 4 signalling threshold.

Both Segwit2x and UASF are trying to activate Segwit under BIP 9 by orphaning blocks that don't signal for Segwit - thus forcing a chain where 100% of blocks signal for Segwit activation. Details on this here.

So... if (say) 70% of miners were signalling for Segwit2x on bit 4 and it didn't activate in time to prevent a chain split with UASF they could follow the UASF chain by running compatible code (e.g. BIP 91 or even 148 itself), activate Segwit and then run Segwit2x again... and they would still be on for their hard fork.

I'm not saying this is particularly likely - just saying it's another possibility to consider.

Ref for the HF code itself: https://github.com/btc1/bitcoin/pull/50



EDIT: references.

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