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Changelly lost my $36k usd , and their support hasn't said a word.

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transaction on blockchain was worth $36k when I made it, and now is already down to $30k. Their facebook and twitter is rife others who haven't received any help or even acknowledgement.

It is transaction number #91c740f6b9c4. The only update I've gotten is the transaction on my account reads sorry we did not receive this money. Which is total bullshit, I sent it to the address they provided.

I've posted on facebook, messaged them on twitter, send them multiple emails, filed tickets in their support. Nothing so far.


Changelly contacted me here, in this thread, and asked for the refund address. (I had already given it to them, but I sent it again, and am waiting for a refund for my 25 BCH which is now worth about $20k usd less then when I sent it to them.)

Update 2

Got it back

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If bitcoin made you fabulously wealthy, do you think you would attack the bitcoin network?

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Roger Ver, by all accounts, is fabulously wealthy. He's achieved what many bitcoiner's dream about. He got in early enough that he never has to work another day for the rest of his life.

Not only is he financially independent, he is staggeringly wealthy by all accounts. He can live a lifestyle that only winners of the Powerball lottery could possibly dream of.

He can own Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, mansions, a private jet, travel the world, stay in exotic locations, and live a life of grand adventure.

If he felt altruistic, he could use his vast wealth to help others.

One of the key benefits of being this fabulously wealthy is that you should be able to remove worry and stress from your life; yet Ver is prone to highly emotional outbursts and frequent anger.

Rather than helping others, his behavior has led thousands to financial ruin; whether that is through his MtGox assurances or his recent effort of just this past weekend attacking the bitcoin network directly.

Pretty much no matter what Roger Ver does, he has so much money that were he to lose 95% of it, he would still be wealthier than all of us.

The same cannot be said for his followers.

Rather than enjoying his wealth, perhaps doing some good with it, he whines like a child and throws tantrums. Daily he complains about how this poor, poor, man, worth only hundreds of millions of dollars, has his sensitive feelings hurt by censorship on internet forums. He is the poster child for a delicate snowflake.

The most irrational thing is that he attacks the very network that made him so wealthy. He literally threatens his own fortune, and the fortunes of others, with childish attacks and fits of rage.

Frankly, I cannot fathom this behavior.

I am not fabulously wealthy myself. Oh, I do ok, but I'm still a wage slave and my retirement is still many years off into the future.

I dream of being financially independent. I constantly think through all of the things I would do if I were. Besides the obvious things, like travel or living in a nice home, I would certainly not spend my time consumed with rage at the very thing that made me so rich.

Roger is like a guy who wins the powerball lottery and then becomes consumed with attacking the lottery system itself (better analogy, he thinks he invented the lottery and can run a better lottery than the state).

If Roger wants to start businesses, or mentor others, that is all well and good. However, his relentless propaganda campaigns waged through paid social media attacks are leading many to financial ruin.

What kind of person behaves like this?

I make this promise to you all now. If some day bitcoin makes me so wealthy I can retire in comfort; I will never attack the network. I will never wage war against it or those who keep it strong. I will not start a business. I will not launch an ICO, alt-coin, or give dangerous or foolish investing advice to anyone.

No, I will travel the world, go hiking with my dog, and continue to be involved in the various charities I support.

You have that promise from me.


If this post seems too much like a direct personal attack on Roger Ver, let me explain.

Roger Ver is performing direct personal attacks on my own bitcoin investment; which is a minuscule fraction in size of his but, arguably, more important to me than he appears to feel about his own wealth. He made it personal.

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It’s nice to see Bitcoin creating a generation of savers

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If you look at Federal Reserve Bank statistics, personal savings are at all-time lows. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/PSAVERT

Young educated people are graduating college with massive debt. Most can’t afford a house or a car even 10-20 years into a career.

It’s nice to see a growing group of young educated people learn to HODL (save).

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