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Twitter is banning eveyone that talks about Bitcoin or crypto

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We need to do something about this. Twittrr is currently the only place for crypto people to engage in global discussion and talk in real time about the current zeitgeist thats happening. Has anyone been shadow banner+ 0 following?

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In response to the guy who encourages to develop something instead of crying about price.

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I 100% agree with that, but the problem with this community is that once you develop something, there is literally 0% support. This community rather to see stupid price meme on hot page, instead of giving up vote to startups that can do a lot of good for the entire crypto eco system. I know there is thin line between advertising here, but cmon...

Outside of reddit our startup receives a lot of positive feedback, here it gets trashed...

/rant over

EDIT: If anyone curious what the project is and want to give some feedback it's https://niffler.co

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Isn't this US investigation into manipulation very positive for Bitcoin?

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If you think about it, most who are currently manipulating will cease doing so for the time being while this investigation is ongoing. While they obviously can't detect everything, you'd think this would scare off at least a solid amount of the bad apples. While many don't want it, this needs to happen and is a step in the right direction. If Bitcoin is going to be taken seriously and reach the levels you're all HODL'ing for, then let's be real and embrace the changes that will actually get us there.

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List of lightning wallets

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Is anyone keeping a list of lightning wallets that are in development?

Personally I am interested in an iOS wallet that I can link to my c-lightning node.

A chart would be handy.. maybe:

Name Platform Backend Github Maintainer (person or company) ExampleWallet Android lnd blah i0X
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Thanks to the bear run of 2018 I reached a major accumulation milestone that I did not expect to so soon, anyone else in this boat?

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Pretty excited to join the next accumulation club. The only question is do I go for the next milestone or go back to my 401k which I have been neglecting this past 12 months? Sidenote, I always have a few satoshis on my eclair hot wallet in case I ever find myself the opportunity to engage in commerce using bitcoin so I can help the ecosystem when I can.

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Since the beginning of 2017 I've been giving people bitcoin.

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Especially family that I want to get involved in crypto. I will show them how to setup a wallet. And send them around $50 to $100 dollars worth of bitcoin. I'll backup their keys and explain the importance and make them promise me to not spend it for 5 years. I encourage them to add more over time.

Now every member of my extended family owns a bit of bitcoin. It has cost a lot. Some of them ignored it, but I didn't. A few of them own mining caves now.

I would like to encourage you to do the same for those you love or would like to get involved. At today's price I would encourage you to put at least 1% of a bitcoin away for them.

Hav3 a great day and please know today is a great day to buy. Also, show them how to mine .

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