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04.21.11 · The Couchsurfers of Chapel Hill

I’m in the school library at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The campus is gorgeous, it’s all trees and grass and flowers and brick. Everything’s really well maintained - props to the groundskeeping staff!

I left Raleigh yesterday and drove half an hour to Carrboro, NC, which is one town over from Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill’s population is about 52,000, and about half of those are UNC students. (I pulled these numbers from wolframalpha.com - try typing in your hometown to see what data they have!)

I met up with James, Chris, and Gloria at “Carrburitto” when I arrived in Carrboro. James paid dollars for my quesadilla. I forgot to send him coins, so note to self - do that tonight! Carrburitto was really cool; we ate outside in a small triangular courtyard. It was surrounded on two sides by roads, but it felt like an oasis in the middle of a busy town - there was greenery climbing up the walls, a fountain in the corner, and birds pecking at scraps of tortilla chips on the flagstones. We relaxed there for a few hours, killing time and coming up with new, clever ways to use Bitcoins. Afterwards, we drove to a nearby house for an electronic music show. I promised video, but unfortunately I left my camera in my car, so no dice. Sorry!

The show was cool. The Sagan Youth played some sweet synth tunes, followed by a few more acts. We left after the second artist, who was playing glitch sounds from a Game Boy Color and some other assorted electronics.

From left: PLATO, James, Gloria, Chris

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