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04.21.11 · Status updates (1k miles!)
  • This is now day 13 of my #BitcoinRoadtrip, and so far I’ve successfully managed to not spend any dollars at all
  • I passed 1000 miles on my trip odometer Wednesday, as I drove into Raleigh
  • I don’t have any known gas stops between Carrboro, NC and Savanna, GA. I’m planning to stop in Charlotte, NC, where I will stay until I can find someone willing to fill me up in exchange for bitcoins. Know anyone who might be able to help?
  • I’m going to give a presentation about Bitcoin in Huntsville, Alabama. Details and time TBD
  • I’ve found that mybitcoin.com is effective for sending coins on the go, but it’s inconvenient as hell. Can’t wait for @bitcoinlabs upcoming Android client!
  • I still need that data cable to get photos off my camera (or a compactflash card reader)
  • If anyone wants to donate a coin or two, send to: 1Dj1SocbbH9Lbb9aTdqSHB9AAjhdxNNZha
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