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my magic internet money story

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I first heard of bitcoin on Yahoo when the price reached more than $1,000 back in 2013. I read about Satoshi on Wikipedia and was fascinated by bitcoin. I considered buying bitcoin at the time but didn't really know where to buy. And later on, I saw prices going down more and more so I got scared and didn't buy any at the end.

Last year, I heard about bitcoin on Yahoo again, but the price was already at $4000. Wow, what a mistake. I should've bought back in 2014 when the prices were less than $1000. I FOMO in and bought at 4k using Coinbase and sold almost everything at 16k, I was lucky at timing the market.

I am not making that mistake again from 2014. I have been buying again at 9k, 8k, 7k and today at 6k. And I sure as hell will keep buying at 5K and 4K.

The next halving event will be here again in 2 more years. Traders will anticipate this event and change the market. Bitcoin is deflationary relative to the USD because of block halving and fixed supply. Good luck everyone. Let's see what the future entails.

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