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I feel like a war-torn vet in a room full of new recruits.

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I've been in cryptos since 2011. I know some have been here longer. Respect to you all.

tl;dr "I've seen some shit."

The company I originally bought my bitcoins from (for $10, biting my nails at a Walmart customer service counter), BitInstant, was shut down and it's founder was jailed.

I bought mining hardware through Butterfly Labs. I didn't receive my miners till it was too late, and I was never able to recoup my cost. The company was shut down and they reached a settlement with the FTC.

I managed to get my remaining coins out of Mt Gox shortly before it too went belly-up, its founder charged with embezzlement.

I perused the Silk Road before it was shut down and Ross Ulbricht was imprisoned. (I never bought drugs; only found the site to be to be an incredible experiment in freedom.)

Although I did not participate, I was there when Bitfinex was hacked, and when ether forked from DAO. And on, and on, and on...

I've seen bubbles come and go. I've seen diarrhea-inducing volatility. I've abandoned all sense of price normalcy.

I was literally there watching my screen when the BearWhale was slain. I've hodled. I know what it means to be "gentlemen." I know the difference between a Satoshi and a Dorian. I've seen Bitcoin die a hundred times.

I've seen the Bitcoin community grow toxic over scaling. I've seen censorship, division, and alienation. I've seen some cryptos rise to be worthy contenders to Bitcoin's dominance, and I've seen others turn to dust.

I've also made life-changing profits.

These growing pains aren't going to cease any time soon. You don't survive as an early adopter in this space unless you stay on your toes and take the appropriate precautions. I can't stress this enough.

The truth is, it's fucking stressful. I spend hours and hours researching and worrying about what I should do. Just last night I dreamt our house burned down and I lost everything. Not just that, but "loose lips sink ships" so to speak. Sometimes I think I should just shut up about it all.

But I ain't done riding this wave. It's moon or bust. And I'm proud to be a part of the cryptocurrency community.

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"The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks" -- Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin genesis block

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This is what bitcoin is about. Prioritizing any other use case makes bitcoin a huge, dumb, really inefficient database.

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Can we please call out Bixin, BW Pool, BTC.com and Kano CKPool for not partaking in any scaling signalling? You are indicating that you are happy with an unsustainable status quo.

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For the love of Satoshi, start signalling something. I'm inclined to say that it is your obligation.

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Please ensure to run BIP148 binaries, UACOMMENT is not enough on August 1st!

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August 1st is coming nearer and nearer, so you should take care to compile or download binaries to be on the safe side, if a chain split occures. But hopefully, miners will activate segwit with the normal BIP9 deployment - like GBMiners did some minutes ago!

So: Be sure to run a bip148 enforcing node, UACOMMENT is not enough to be on the Segwit-side!

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I hate to be the one and saying this

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but you need to wake up!

all those people asking whats going on.. well let me tell you. another cryptocurrency is coming very close to taking over.

I love BTC and I love what the devs have accomplished in the past, but the current state of Satoshi's legacy is a nightmare!

These are only the first tremors. More and more will follow as Number2 gets increased media attention and people buy in basically making a self fulfilling prophecy.


edit: im not even talking market cap. asic resistance, scalability, steady process.. I really do not want to sound like I am promoting something here, but shits getting real, open your eyes.

edit2: no, the problem is NOT core you paid peons! its the guy who vouched for mtgox, who openly admits that he rather have bitcoin burn (the list is long) and his asian sidekick with oedipus complex

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