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04.11.11 · The Illustrious Llama of MIT

[Backdated, written on 04.13 - PLATO]

Day 3. 165 miles travelled.

I spent a relaxed Saturday night with my former college roommates in Quincy. Sunday morning, we made some delicious pancakes, then headed to a mediocre beach. After receiving many admonishments to ‘not die’, I bid my friends farewell, and started driving to Cambridge. This was only my second experience with Boston traffic.  It was far better than New York, but I can’t imagine how hellish it must have been before the $15 billion Big Dig tunnels.

I found my way to the MIT campus and got in touch with “Llama”. After a quick tour of campus, we went back to his dorm room and proceeded to talk shop. Llama’s quite the entrepreneur. As a freshman, he’s already running a successful business, Qugelmatic Books on Ebay. (They accept Bitcoins!) He’s also the co-creator of BitMail, with “Lachesis” - a handy way to introduce people to Bitcoin. We ate a delicious dinner at Llama’s fraternity (rice pilaf, tender chicken and biscuits.) I slept on his couch, lulled by the sound of a dual-5870 mining rig humming away in the corner.

The next day, I tagged along to Llama’s e-mag class. My e-mag knowledge is pretty patchy to begin with, and I was somewhat skeptical of the c’s that appeared out of nowhere due to MIT’s use of the cgs unit system, so I got lost. But, I was pretty impressed that the professor was one of the founders of WiTricity.

I just bought half a tank of gas for 30btc from Llama, and said goodbye. I’m heading to my alma mater, Union College, about four hours west along I-90. I expect to give a talk about Bitcoins for my EE department sometime midweek. I know a lot of people in Schenectady, which should make this week one of the easiest of my trip - after I’m south of NYC, it’s going to be more difficult, because I know very few people IRL.

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